Rector's page

Vasyl Romanchyshyn
Communal Higher Educational Establishment of Kyiv Regional Council "Pavlo Chubynsky Academy of Arts".

In spite of such a solid age, the Academy is the higher educational institution that is developing dynamically. During the last years we have come the way which required decades. And now you are in the heart of the capital on the Pechersk hills near the Kyiv Pechersk Monastery where actively works the unique educational institution where young people develop themselves creatively not only from the capital region but from all Ukraine. The teachers of Academy are competent and well-known in the artistic sphere. Almost 90 of them have academic degrees of Doctor of Science and Candidate of Science, academic statuses of professor, of docent, honorary titles of National Artist, Honored Worker of Arts, Honored Artist, Honored Cultural Worker of Ukraine. I will give you only several well-known names: Anatoliy Kocherha, Oles Yasko,  Antonina Mamchenko, Mykola Krastnytsky, Oleksa Berest,  Vyacheslav and Timur Polianski, Zhanna Bodnaruk, Taras Petrynenko, Mykola Lysenko, Vitalina Bibliv, Serhiy Omelchenko, Volodymyr Hryzlov,  Valentyna Matyuschenko,  Lyudmyla Prydius,  Olena Petrova (Astraya),  Iryna Boiko, Ihor Ryabov, Valentyna Kovalska, Viktor Ploskina, Tetyana Borysenko.  Each artistic institution wants to have such constellation and be to be proud of them, but they belong to us! Recently, the creative basis of Academy has become the famous collective, honored academic ensemble of song and dance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the head of Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine Dmytro Antonyuk. Thus, our students can have the possibility to polish up their skills side by side with the famous masters of the stage! It is not surprising that our students become the winners and prise-winners of prestigious international and all Ukrainian competitions and festivals and our graduates are invited to work in the chief artistic groups, cultural and artistic institutions if Ukraine.

We pave our own way. Our credo is professionalism and perfection. We want to see our country creative and spiritual. And we do everything for this. Let we have good luck on this way! Long live Ukraine! 

Rector of the Pavlo Chubynsky Academy of Arts,
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.),
professor Vasyl Romanchyshyn.